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How to Set a Story Straight

Posted Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ralph Sutton

  • How to Set a Story Straight

    Pictured: Berkeley Greenwood, Managing Director of Decideum and Ralph Sutton, Managing Partner of AXON Communications

In a supplement published in February 2011’s PRWeek, Ralph Sutton, managing partner of AXON Communications and Berkeley Greenwood, managing director of Decideum, discuss some of the critical factors in defining a successful market access strategy.

Bringing together cross-functional skill-sets from across the company contributes to gaining a better understanding of the environment and its stakeholders and to defining a strategy that will have the most impact. Yet just as important is the central role that communications professionals play in developing a clear, uncluttered and evidence-based story that builds engagement across the spectrum of stakeholders.

To learn more from the authors’ insights on how to meet some of the challenges and opportunities that arise in this communications process, download the full article below.



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