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Going the Extra Mile in Sports Sponsorships

Posted Monday, August 04, 2014

Paul Wilson

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    (Photo Credit: Shutterstock/David Lee)

With Eugenie Bouchard and Milos Raonic’s recent performances on the international scene, tennis is quickly becoming a source of pride and excitement across the country. Taking advantage of the sport’s increasing popularity, companies are trying to set themselves apart by partnering with major tennis tournaments. But merely sponsoring big events is not enough anymore. Companies have to offer a lot more to reach and engage the public.

In an article published in the August 4 edition of La Presse, our colleague Paul Wilson told journalist Isabelle Massé that “sponsoring major sporting events is a great tool to gain visibility, but only if the sponsoring company invests in the event’s collateral products and activities. A simple banner is not worth much anymore.”

In other words, a company name displayed on a centre court banner is no longer enough. Creativity and public engagement are now essential to success. As Paul says in the article, “giving people the opportunity to hit a few balls with Eugenie Bouchard (as our client the National Bank is at the Rogers Cup) is certainly a great way to get everyone’s attention.”

To read the complete article (in French), visit La Presse’s website here.


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