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Forbes magazine: Our Own Mario Nacinovich Shares His Best Interview Tips for College Graduates

Posted Monday, July 14, 2014

Mario Nacinovich

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For many students or new graduates, performing well at an interview is not an easy task. Nervousness often gets in the way, plus it’s not easy to be prepared for every possible question. How can you impress your employer if you lack professional experience? How can you market yourself without falling into cliché or overused lines?

As Managing Partner of our Firm’s U.S. healthcare communications practice, Mario is actively involved in hiring both interns and college graduates.

Along with 14 other career experts, he recently shared his best interview tips for graduates seeking to ace their next interview with Forbes Contributor Robert Farrington:

1) Show me why you’re passionate about the voodoo we do and be sure to let me know why science and healthcare get your juices flowing every morning and are in your dreams every night.

2) Don’t tell me you are a “people person” when you are not – in our communications world you need to enjoy meeting people and collaborating with both clients and colleagues.

3) Sure you’re curious and love problem solving, now tell me why. Tell me a story of how your curiosity kept you on the search for an answer to a question that was evading you. Tell me about a conundrum or challenge that has presented – academically, athletically, socially or personally – I want to hear the logic behind how you came to your solution, not just the solution!

4) You’d describe yourself as a “glass half full” person with a “can do” attitude but your body language and preparation is telling me otherwise – be yourself, be natural. If this is going to be your home away from home, we need to know that we have someone who can easily assimilate our positive culture.

5) I’ve heard the rhetoric on how you demand the best from yourself and others, and are able to motivate people. When did you motivate people? Who were the people? Why were you in a position to be leading this? Lose the buzzwords and show me why we want to invest in you and grow your career to one day lead others. I want to know that you are going to do the right thing when no one is looking.

6) You shared that you enjoy working in a fast-paced, evolving environment and being at the forefront of change but you have never experienced this in the “real world”. Why do you feel you could do this? What activities or volunteer work have you participated in? How have these experiences helped you know that you will excel in this type of environment?

Don’t miss out the other career experts’ tips by consulting Robert Farrington’s full article in Forbes.

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