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Family Business Insight with Andrew Molson

Posted Thursday, May 19, 2016

Andrew Molson

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In addition to speaking at the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise’s Family Business Symposium in Calgary earlier this week, where he offered some thoughts on how his family continues to stay active in business, our Chairman Andrew Molson was featured in Canadian Business, sharing his unique insight on the power of a family business – how family ownership contributes to maintaining a long-term vision of the company and the responsibility that comes with owning such strong surname.

“My brother Geoff very much wanted to work at the company at a young age,” confided Andrew. “I was more interested in other things like law, and I kind of fell into it later on, when we merged with Coors in 2005. But we do have a sense of responsibility [to the business] when we have the name that we carry. We feel it every day, especially living in Montreal. I like to say that I spent a good deal of time figuring out who Andrew was first, and then applied Andrew to my last name, when I joined the company.”

To get Andrew’s full take on the topic of running a family business, and what’s helped the company survive for 230 years, read the complete article: Andrew Molson on the unique power of a family business.


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