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Face Value?

Posted Friday, February 20, 2015

Chuck JohnstonMarny Bruce

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Considering how fast-evolving, competitive and costly clinical trials can be, the question of whether investigator meetings should be held face-to-face or virtually is often brought up. The reality is that both approaches have their pros and cons and can be valuable when used for the right purpose.

In an article published in the February 2015 edition of International Clinical Trials, our AXON CTS colleagues Marny Bruce and Chuck Johnston explain that having a clear understanding of the meeting’s goals, limitations, and stakes, and taking into account the study’s status, deadlines and specificities, are all important factors to consider.  

Are you trying to build relationships among study teams or do you need to communicate important trial messages? Is the issue urgent or cost-sensitive?  “While no two clinical trials are the same and each will come with its own set of challenges,” say the authors, “simple steps can be taken to determine which meeting format will best engage site staff and support achieving study goals.”

Download the PDF below to read Marny and Chuck’s full article. 



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