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Expert Advice for the Ultimate Debate

Posted Friday, October 02, 2015

Luc Ouellet

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As we near the federal campaign’s finish line, the pressure keeps mounting and the stakes keep getting higher. Tonight, Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair, Justin Trudeau and Gilles Duceppe will face off in an ultimate French debate to be presented on television network TVA.

In an article published in today’s French-language Journal de Québec, our colleague Luc Ouellet, managing partner of our Quebec City office and political strategy expert, shares his advice for the conservative, neo democrat, liberal and bloc leaders.

“Tonight is the night for each leader,” says Luc. “It’s one of their last opportunities to influence voters who haven’t quite made up their minds yet.”

His advice a few hours before the debate? Stephen Harper should aim to be consistent and more relatable; Tom Mulcair should try to preserve his current base of supportand get off the beaten path; Justin Trudeau should fight with all his might and show his stature; and Gilles Duceppe should try to save the last few pieces of a crumbling house.

Click here to read the complete article (in French) and get all of Luc’s advice.     


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