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Expanding Your Business into the UK: the Power of PR

Posted Monday, January 25, 2016

Matthew Moth

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Our London, UK, colleagues at NATIONAL, AXON and Madano actively help Canadian clients build and strengthen their business profiles in the country. For many, the UK is seen not only as a high-potential export and investment market, but also a gateway to the European Union. The bond between Canada and the UK provides a solid foundation for business expansion into one of Europe’s most stable and growing economies. In a piece published on Export Development Canada’s Export Wise website, Matthew Moth, Founding Partner at Madano, shares his experience and insight on the power of communications and PR in strategically positioning Canadian investments in the UK.

 “The UK is not one market, but varies by business area and geography and your communications need to reflect that,” says Matthew. “Ultimately it is about improving the chances of your business development strategy working in a new market that may be unlike anything you have worked in before.”.

Why should a Canadian company opening a UK office consider public relations? How are Canadian companies perceived by consumers in the UK? What’s the biggest communications mistake made by foreign companies expanding to the UK? Read the full piece to get Matthew’s take on the undeniable power of communications and PR in strategically positioning Canadian investments in the UK.



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