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Could AXON be the Firm’s Best-Kept Secret?

Posted Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Miranda Dini

  • Virtually all of Axon’s senior team have been in post for five years

    Virtually all of Axon’s senior team have been in post for five years

Miranda Dini, Managing Partner, and Sam Barnes, Director and head of the UK PR stream, recently sat down with PR Week to talk about what makes AXON such a stellar model of good health and why it remains under the radar for so many in the PR world.

AXON London ranked number 2 among healthcare communications agencies in specialized publication PRWeek’s Top 150 UK PR Consultancies 2017, and 28th overall, following a 39% year-on-year financial growth in 2016.

Says Miranda: “We’re in a sweet spot right now, where we’re building on the longevity of our clients, of our staff and of our senior team.” Virtually all of AXON’s senior team have been in post for five years, a few even longer. And some clients date back to the days of Ralph Sutton, International Managing Partner, who launched the operations working from his dining room table, back in 2003. Commitment to staying true to AXON’s core – the science – is paramount, with more than 30 PhDs on staff.

Read the full interview in PR Week here to learn more about Miranda and Sam’s views on the governance challenges and opportunities in the healthcare communications industry and the benefits they’ve noted from being part of the NATIONAL network.


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