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Communications and Real Estate: A Winning Combination

Posted Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nicole Delorme

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In an interview featured on French TV network Canal Argent yesterday, NATIONAL Partner Nicole Delorme talked about the increasingly important role that communications and public relations play in real estate projects.

From a project’s positioning to its reputation, understanding and sales, all communications tools, including digital, are now within developers’ reach and are crucial elements of the overall sales strategy.

“The appeal of a digital program is that it establishes a two-way relationship with target audiences,” says Nicole. “With social media, we’re able to get direct answers from consumers. We can monitor their openness to a project, their perceptions of it and their comments about it, and adjust our plan accordingly. In the end, we deliver a better project, we meet the needs of more people, and we sell more units; everybody wins.”

If communications, public relations and digital are so efficient, it’s also because communicators are now invited to the table with architects, designers and urban planners right from the start. This early involvement allows them to develop a relevant narrative that appeals to all facets of the project.

To listen to Nicole’s complete commentary (in French) and learn how important communications are in real estate, watch the video below (duration: 6 min.).


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