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Communication of Advance Care Planning

Posted Monday, April 30, 2012

Mario Nacinovich


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End-of-life decisions are everything but simple and can sometimes lead to moral and/or legal conflicts. That’s why everyone should think about advance care planning (ACP), which provides clarity and direction about a person’s intentions and wishes if, when or how a serious illness strikes.

In an article published in the Journal of Communication in Healthcare (Vol. 5, No 1), Mario Nacinovich, Managing Director at AXON US, and Jamie Rauscher, Marketing Project Manager at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, explain the crucial role that skilled healthcare communicators must play in helping doctors talk about ACP with their patients. As professionals who understand the context of the conversation, the legal and ethical issues and cultural differences involved in this two-way communications process, healthcare communicators are best positioned to train medical staff on assisting their patients prepare their advance care plans.



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