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What Canadian Culture Creators Want You to Know

Driven by a distinct set of shared beliefs and values, online activity reflects people’s view of the world and guides their responses to situations and brands. So why are certain brands revered online, while others can’t seem to do anything right? Is there a discernible pattern to why some things turn into trends? Why do certain ideas turn into memes while others just fizzle away? And can we peek into the future by listening to the conversations online today?

NATIONAL has applied its unique Belief Based Consumption research methodology to, the “front-page of the Internet”, to study the conversations of a large and engaged group of Canadians to better understand what drives purchase and advocacy decisions. The results of this study, presented in our annual Bold Thinking Report, will help organizations to better understand emerging beliefs that inform the decisions of Canadians on a daily basis. These decisions include which products to buy, issues to support (or oppose), or advocacy actions to take.

With over 7.4 million Canadians visiting the site each month and averaging 18 minutes per visit, reddit has emerged as one of the most influential communities online and is seen as a way to understand and engage with early adopters, geeks and culture creators on topics ranging from entertainment and culture to politics and business. 

For our 2015 report, we searched and analyzed over 20,000 conversations among Canadian redditors around topics pertaining to government, business and society at large. Focusing on these three areas allowed us to identify emerging trends in consumer culture across a broad swath of topics. While these topics were diverse, a single unifying thread emerged: fairness.

2015: The Year of Fairness provides key insights into how the fairness lens - described through the notions of impartiality and of personal and social responsibility - is applied to the words and actions of businesses, government and people. In the coming months, a series of sectoral reports will be presented, outlining what the insights mean for a range of industries, starting with Personal Finance.

Our experts can also use our unique Fairness Formula to help you better understand how to align your organization’s actions and communications with your audiences’ beliefs, the key to remaining engaged and relevant in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

2015: The Year of Fairness

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