The Bold Thinking Report

Revealing the prescription for consumer cynicism

Driven by a distinct set of shared beliefs and values, online activity reflects people’s view of the world and guides their responses to situations and brands. So why are certain brands revered online, while others can’t seem to do anything right? Is there a discernible pattern to why some things turn into trends? Why do certain ideas turn into memes while others just fizzle away? And can we peek into the future by listening to the conversations online today?

More than ever, Canadians are guided by their own set of values when making decisions. To understand not only which values are important to Canadians, but why they’re important, we applied our Belief Based Behaviour research, a unique application of digital ethnographic analysis.  

The study serves as a canary in a coal mine to help organizations understand how values influence perceptions. What we discovered is deep cynicism prompting consumer reluctance to trust leaders or brands.

To find out what NATIONAL Public Relations' researchers found after analyzing 44,000 online conversations over one year across five social networks, visit and download our complete Bold Thinking Report.

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