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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Public Relations

Posted Monday, September 18, 2017

  • (Photo Credit: Alex Knight)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are beginning to disrupt the entire communications world, and the tech PR industry is next in line for a serious AI upgrade. Surprisingly, several multi-national agencies do not currently use machine learning or AI with their clients. Without mastering these emerging technologies, they (and their clients) risk falling behind. Our colleagues at SHIFT Communications, however, are ahead of the curve and poised for growth, as mentioned in the trade publication VentureBeat.

SHIFT uses AI and machine learning in predictive analytics, text mining, and advanced attribution. During a recent client crisis, SHIFT was able to crunch more than 15,000 content-rich blogs for a medical client in just 1.5 seconds to identify insights, trends, and keywords in hopes to identify the root cause of a situation. Through the process, SHIFT was able to uncover an entirely different reputation issue that the client is now able to address.

AI and machine learning technologies can help us make more efficient use of customer data and tell meaningful stories for our clients. Read more about the game-changing potential of these technologies for public relations in this article from VentureBeat, AI will turn PR people into superheroes within one year.



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