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Andrew Molson Gives Entrepreneurship Top Grades at Loyola High

Posted Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Andrew Molson

  • (Photo Credit: John Kenney , The Gazette)

Andrew Molson, our Firm’s Chairman, recently took on the role of one of three judges of the finalists of Loyola High School’s Secondary 5 entrepreneurship class competition. Students had been asked to develop a product, create a company and raise capital, market and sell their creation to the high school community then distribute the proceeds.

In an article published last week in Montreal’s The Gazette newspaper, Andrew noted that he was floored by the results, which clearly demonstrated the high school’s success in teaching young people how to participate in society with a business mind. “What we heard were very mature presentations from people who are still in their teens. Every one of the presentations seemed to have truly developed a concept which they thought would be unique and new for the customers of this city. That surprised me.”

The challenge has been presented at the high school since 1995. Half of the competition’s profits – an amount of $12,000 this year – went to charity.


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