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A Turbulent Spring

Posted Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yvan Loubier

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In an article published in La Presse on March 22, Yvan Loubier, Senior Consultant and Economist from NATIONAL’s Quebec City office shared his divided reaction to the federal budget tabled by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

On the one hand, the budget contains good news on the economic front, be it with regard to continued efforts to balance the budget, investments in new infrastructure programs or support for the forestry and aerospace sectors.

On the other hand, the budget provisions for manpower training, Labour-Sponsored Venture Capital Corporations and renewed federal intentions in securities set the tone for a turbulent spring in terms of federal-provincial relations between Quebec and Ottawa.

(The article, to download below, is in French.)


Un printemps agité (1.7 MB PDF)


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