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A Society-Wide Project

Posted Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Yvan Loubier

  • IMG A Society Wide Project

    (Photo Credit: © MTOQ/ L. Gagnon)

In a piece published in La Presse on June 6, 2011, Yvan Loubier, senior consultant and economist from NATIONAL’s Quebec City office, explains that the Plan Nord offers an integrated, sustainable approach to Quebec’s development and that we must really share the hopes and ambitions of the people living north of the 49th degree of latitude to understand its full scope.

As a territorial initiative bringing us closer to the geostrategic space where major economic and political global issues will be shaped, particularly with regard to global warming, the Plan Nord is an economic development strategy that will help the region realize its full human and natural potential, stimulate the economy and create thousands of new jobs.

Born from the dedicated work of hundreds of representatives from the regions concerned, it is certainly an ambitious and visionary undertaking for the future development of Northern Quebec.



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