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A Lesson in Philanthropic Success

Posted Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Andrew Molson

  • IMG-Andrew-Molson-2015

    (Photo Credit: Jérôme Lavallée / Les Affaires)

Seasoned businessman, involved citizen, inspiring partner, respected philanthropist… Andrew Molson is known for many different things, and it’s namely because of his ongoing engagement in the community that Centraide asked him to co-chair its 2015 fundraising campaign.

In a blog post featured on Les Affaires’ website, columnist Diane Bérard presents the highlights of her recent interview with our Chairman, who shares his vision of philanthropy and gives advice to young entrepreneurs with a sincere desire in giving back to their communities. 

“In this era of social media, everybody wants to get noticed,” says Andrew. “But a creative individual is not necessarily one who discards everything to invent something new, but rather one who is able to build bridges linking what already exists.”

To get all the details of this meeting with a humble – yet great – man who truly understands the value of intelligent engagement, click here. (Article is in French)


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