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A Growing Trend in Digital Diplomacy

Posted Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Howard Fremeth

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For most governments, heads of state and international institutions, the internet and social media have mostly been used as a one-way communications channel to share information and reach the public. And then came Donald Trump.

In a piece published on, NATIONAL’s Howard Fremeth explains why he believes that as we enter a new age of digital diplomacy where social platforms are increasingly driving the way we communicate with foreign governments and institutions, no one is immune to Twitter controversies and social faux-pas.

Visit to read Howard’s full piece, Instant outrage, Instant Fallout — Digital Diplomacy, and find out more about a growing trend in digital diplomacy.



Howard Fremeth is a Senior Consultant at NATIONAL Public Relations' Ottawa office. He is an innovative, versatile and accomplished professional with extensive experience in government relations, public diplomacy, strategic communications, crisis communications, media relations and social media.


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