A Fresh Perspective of the NATIONAL Team Following my First Trip from NL to NS!

Posted Friday, December 09, 2016

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By Fallon Chaytor, Coordinator at NATIONAL's St. John's office

In a world where we spend one-third of our lives at work, on average, it is critical to love where we work and in essence, who we work with.

This statement perfectly exemplifies how I feel following my recent experience, meeting my colleagues at NATIONAL, and I would be remiss not to share my journey.

Upon arriving at the Halifax office for the very first time, I was graciously greeted by our receptionist who literally threw her arms in the air while exclaiming how excited she was to meet me. Almost immediately afterwards, my colleagues began to approach me, individually, to welcome me to the office and to the team. 

Before too long, I had received advice from nearly every employee on how to make the most of my position at NATIONAL, and who I could go to for support in various areas. And by the end of day, I realized that every single employee was keen to assist me in navigating my way to success, on both a day-to-day and big picture level.

After meeting many of my superiors during my second day at NATIONAL, I received a significant amount of sound advice that I will take with me throughout the rest of my career.

At NATIONAL, there is a very evident “work hard, play hard” atmosphere that exists among people who pour all they have into their work and help each other out along the way. From staying at the office for an extra hour to help a colleague with a project, to making sure those who have no evening plans are included in any after work happenings, the culture here at NATIONAL could not be more welcoming.

The team—commonly referred to as a group of misfits who are simply curious—is comprised of an eclectic mix of unique intellectuals with a knack for contributing to insightful work in their own unique ways. In doing so, every member of the team goes above and beyond to help each other out and to ensure that no one feels alone.

These colleagues and comrades of mine are able to think independently, and yet prosper collectively through collaboration and a lot of hard work. For this reason, the organizational culture that has emerged from the minds, attitudes, and actions of all employees make it a great place to work and a place where everyone can feel welcomed and supported.

After meeting each and every one of these unique individuals, I am very proud to say that there is nowhere I would rather work and no other type of environment I would rather learn in.

NATIONAL is truly a place where real relationships lead to genuine concern for one another, and it is impossible not to feel completely connected to each of these amazing people, even while being provinces a part.