Alexandre Boucher


“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”
This Peter Drucker quote is a good summary of the vagaries and subtleties underlying the world of communications. Because reality is just a perception of the mind.
Mastering the media and understanding their workings, anticipating crises and managing them effectively when they arise, turning threats into opportunities – those are the waters Alexandre expertly navigates.
On the strength of his experience in ministerial offices, he knows how to craft communications strategies that reflect your image and are adapted to your needs. He will leave no detail to chance; there is a bit of the perfectionist in him!
He will pick your brain for a wealth of ideas and commit them to paper to produce dazzling, persuasive allocutions in which each word is meticulously selected.
In turbulent times where everyone sees obstacles, he sees an opportunity for your organization to stand out and showcase its strengths.
Your success is his new priority.