Alan Fryer

Conseiller principal

Alan was in Quebec in the 1970s as Canada teetered on the brink and in Ottawa as the free trade and constitutional battles raged during the mid 1980s. He was in Moscow in the early 1990s--the first CTV correspondent to be based there-–and in Baghdad 12 years later to record the aftermath of the US invasion.
He has covered two administrations in Washington and was there for the terrorist attacks of 9/11. He has interviewed presidents, prime ministers and premiers, spoken with democrats and dictators. At W-FIVE he helped expose the crooks that target our savings and the predators that target our children.
He hasn’t slowed down, just changed directions. So now, whether it’s media training, crisis management or a video that requires just the right turn of phrase ,Alan can put the skills and experience acquired over three decades of broadcast journalism to work for you.